Go ahead – drag out all those old-school translator uniforms and funky translator hats – we’re having a translation party!

TranslationParty.com will take your English phrase and bounce it into Japanese.  And back.  And back again.  And again, and again.  (ping-pong comes to mind)

It stops when the Japanese and English phrases don’t change between translation (called equilibrium) or after 25 translations into Japanese.

I had to try it.  I used some sayings I’d used as tag lines at work.

Thousands of experiments have conclusively proven that beating drums and clashing cymbals brings back the sun after a total eclipse

This one produced some interesting changes and phrases, but did not reach equilibrium.  I liked

Later, it is important to return to violent conflict with the eclipse of thousands of drums and cymbals in the total experiment, because the day has been proven

and this phrase:

return to the drum of violent conflict

I’m not advocating it, but I like the way the sound matches the meaning. I had more luck with this aphorism:

It doesn’t matter who started it – you can’t win a fight with a skunk

Nothing real fun along the way, and it ended up here

Many people – if you are beginning to skunk cabbage can win the war

I count it as an intellectual victory, because I can’t count it as a verbal victory. And I sure can’t explain how Paburikkutsu made it into the “eclipse” one, unless it’s a mistranslation of “public”.

And I ain’t goin’ there.

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