I find myself at the unfortunate intersection of two terrible urges: I like programming languages, and I feel the need for a new project.  So I’m going to satisfy both of them at the same time.

Google released the Go language in November of 2009.  It is still being developed.  Parts of it might will change, but the location and shape of the changes is not yet known.

Is it cool?  Go watch this video (under a minute and a half, including the whooshes) and tell me if it’s cool.

Oh, I’m setting myself up for heartbreak, I know.  I’m a procedural guy, and this is an object-oriented language.  Never mind the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

<two minutes pass by>

And kablooie!  Go is only for Linux and Mac.  Some people have created a Windows workaround using mingw, but I’d rather try it natively.  So I’m going to get VirtualBox, make me a virtual machine, install Ubuntu (yeah, just a month before they come out with their next scheduled release), and drop Go into there.

More on this as time (and insanity) permits.