I like shopping at Meijer.  They have a policy of discounting items a few days before they go bad, or if they have overstock.  I have eaten a lot of salads recently as a result of this.  Even lettuce tastes better at 40% off!

Bettie wanted a green pepper last week.  I went to the store, checked out the “surplus” cart, and saw a bag of 4 green peppers for $0.52.  That’s right – thirteen cents apiece for peppers that were big and still firm.  I bought them and then decided I needed to do something interesting with them.  Pepper steak.

So I spent about $8.50 on almost two pounds of round steak to go with the cheap peppers.  Picked up an onion, as well.  Mushrooms for two bucks.  Altogether, probably in the range of twelve dollars.

I found several good recipes, and discarded the ones that said to use tomato (and ran away from the one that said to put the pepper steak on mashed potatoes!).  In the end, I didn’t use any one specific recipe, but used several of them to make an ingredient list – and then wing it.

Next time, I’d make the steak slices thinner.

I added soy sauce to mine (Bettie passed on that), as well as red wine vinegar as a sort of quick marinade. Also, powdered ginger and minced garlic.

And shrooms!

And thickener (thanks, Mom!). They recommend cornstarch and water. This worked as well or better. The tongue sticking out helped.

Now, add ingredients.

I had a lot more goop in mine. Soy sauce, more vinegar, the shrooms. I’m a sauce guy.

And it shows.

I had enough leftovers for two servings.

They’re gone now. So is the Decadent Chocolate Truffle Cream Pie that Bettie made for me

Yes, “decadent” is in the actual title of the recipe. And it was very good.

I had more fun making this dish, cooking with Bettie, than anything I’d done for a while.  I was improvising and deciding things on the fly, Bettie was cutting up veggies, the two pans came out well, the instant rice came out at the right time.  We were both smiling and laughing as we did all this.  We talked about how the act of creation is one way we’re made in God’s image.

So, in an homage to Genesis:

The pepper and the steak were on the fifth day, and we tasted that it was good