“Take a picture – it lasts longer.”

Sometimes you just need to take a picture of your computer.

Well, a little closer.

No, not that close.  Like of a coupon on the screen or something.

Yeah, like that.  You could use Microsoft’s print screen functionality (and I use that term loosely – what in the world happens after you hit the PrintScreen button??), or you could get out your camera

but that brings its own set of headaches.

Or you could grab that screenshot with Greenshot!

Depending on how you set it up, Greenshot can easily capture the whole screen, a window, or a defined rectangle.  Install it, start it, change preferences like so (in the General tab, turn off camera sound.  In the Output tab, turn off the Image Editor option, turn on ‘copy to clipboard’, and move the JPEG slider all the way up), click OK, and you’re flying!  What you select will show up on your clipboard.

To get a rectangle, hit the PrintScreen button, then click and drag to make the rectangle of what you want to capture.  Notice that it gives you the image size here and in the next option.

To grab a window, hold down ALT while hitting PrintScreen.  Click on the window you want.

(that’s the chosen FileZilla window in front of Sun’s VirtualBox in front of Notepad++.  Greenshot understands windows layers!)

Finally, holding CTRL while hitting PrintScreen will capture the whole screen.

All of these methods put the desired content on the clipboard for you, so you can do what you want with it.

If you’re curious, I took these screen captures with IrfanView.  And if I had to take pictures of Irfanview grabbing screen shots, I’d use Greenshot.  Nice, simple, and so easy even a boss can use it.

(pictures from alexromp, Roger Smith, Bramus!, and metalkpirate1day, licensed under Creative Commons)