Maybe there never was a Jayski.  Maybe there was.  Doesn’t matter.

If there was a Jayski, he’s gone now.  His site, Jayski’s Silly Season, is the definitive site for NASCAR news and information, and is owned by ESPN.  I was wondering when the Bristol race starts this Sunday.  It’s right there on the front page: 1:13 PM.  It’s right above the countdown timer to the green flag.

If I had a smart phone, this wouldn’t be my home page, but it might be my first favorite.

Before I found out about the start time on the front page, I had gone to the page on info about the Bristol race.  And found out that my second favorite driver, Darrell Waltrip, has the track record with twelve wins.  That’s not insignificant.  (Richard Petty was my first favorite driver, and my current fave is Tony Stewart.  They’re consecutive, but I’d probably rank them the same way if they were all together.)

Saw some other interesting things on that page.

  • In 1971, they had zero cautions.  A whole Bristol race with no yellow flags – seems impossible now.
  • In 1973, Cale Yarborough won the race, leading from flag to flag.  He led all five hundred laps.  Another impossibility.
  • In 2008, 42 cars of the 43 in the race were running at the end.  Not impossible, but highly unlikely.
  • And in 1966, there were only 7 cars running at the finish.  Don’t know if that was a knock-down, drag-out thing, or if the cars just didn’t hold out well.  Either way, this one’s a lot more believable for Bristol.

Anyway, it’s going to be fun come 1:13 on Sunday.  I’m not going, but I wish I could.  I envy those who have gone.

Some day . . .