I’m a natural guy.  I like natural things.  I prefer all-cotton shirts over polyester ones.  I’d rather see a mountain range than a city.

I like natural food (like natural beef covered with natural cheese on a natural bun, making a natural cheeseburger).  I even prefer my M&Ms plain.

So it bothered me when this happened.

We were driving back home recently when Bettie needed to grab some food.  We went to KFC where she got a dinner.  I ate the roll.  And on top of the roll

honey sauce.   I ate it, and it tasted pretty much like honey, but I had my suspicions. Once we got home and I could look at the ingredients in good light, my fears were confirmed.

Real honey is the third of six ingredients. Oh, Colonel, how your company has fallen.

What’s that I hear from down south?  From the vicinity of the Cave Hill Cemetery?

You’re spinning in your grave.  Understandable, good sir.  Understandable.

(picture from Aaron Landry)