You’re out on the road, and staying at a place where they will provide you with DVDs in the lobby.  You make it up to the room with that Clint Eastwood western – and there’s no remote for the DVD player that’s also not there.  You’re just too tired to deal with that tonight.  It was a long trip, and you still have to set up your laptop and dial into work to see if anything has changed for your meeting tomorrow.

You get the work details taken care of, and have some free time left.  There’s junk on the TV, you have already read today’s USA today and the little local rag, and Unforgiven is staring at you.  Oh, man, Gene Hackman is in that one, too – and Morgan Freeman!

That’s it.  You download Media Player Classic – Home Cinema, drop the DVD into the tray, and enjoy an Oscar-winning two hours of movie fun.

The next day, as you’re in the airport waiting on the mechanics to replace a bulb in the airplane toilet, you connect to iTunes, buy that album you have been wanting for a few weeks, and play it with Media Player Classic – Home Cinema.  Makes playing Solitaire a little easier.

On the way to the ramp, that electronics shop has something that catches your eye – it’s Hauppage’s hundred-dollar USB TV tuner.  You pick it up, because you know it’s a possibility you could be stuck in the airplane for hours, held captive on the tarmac, waiting on just one more mechanical fix.  Media Player Classic – Home Cinema can record TV once the tuner card is installed, so you can record the local TV coverage of the delay.  Your fifteen minutes of fame, unwanted as it might be.

Once you finally get home, you give your spouse a big kiss, and give little Snookums the teddy bear from West Nowhere.  Then you crank out the laptop and show the snapshots you took, displaying them using Media Player Classic – Home Cinema.

You finally get to lay your head down on your own pillow.  You have a smile on your face as you drift off to sleep.  You know that you have found another cool, free, lightweight tool that beats the commercial stuff all to pieces.