Back in November of 2007, even before there was a driveway here, we were foolish enough to plant a flower garden.

Turned out to be a waste. The ground is so swampy up here that it killed everything. We’d walked by it several times in the last two and a half years. But then, on a great Saturday, we decided to walk the property. And guess what we found?

A daffodil!

And that silly holly tree still hasn’t died:

We were very happy. It reminded us of God’s unexpected blessings. We kept on walking the property line, finding remnants of past fences.

And modern components

A flicker right above us

A tree with a hollow in its base that holds water. A natural water dish.

A piece of a long-gone tree, with a plant growing through a knot hole.

Parts of our land are high and dry.

Some tiny wildflowers growing near a swampy area.

A thorn tree. Yikes! This guy is nasty.

Some old farm equipment.

A balancing act going across a stream. I made it.

Another world.

And a deer trail.

We spent about two and a half hours outside, getting acquainted with the land. Time well spent.  We’ll do it again.