In that order.

The foundational part, naan, is Indian bread that is as common to their tables as rolls are in our restaurants.  It’s served warm, and tastes great.  When I found it on sale, I bought a two-pack and knew I would use it somehow.

Chicken salad, using the naan as a wrap, seemed prosaic.  The chicken was a good idea, but instead of using mayo I did barbecue sauce

and layered it.

Drop it in the oven for about five minutes to warm everything, and it came out great.

The chicken had dried out a bit, which was good. The naan was a bit more toasted, but still not crisp. I tore it into pieces and tended to eat it rolled up, like a slice of pizza.

I liked it well enough that I did it again, with a different BBQ sauce.

This came out well

and was consumed the same way. Interestingly, though I love Montgomery Inn and their sauce, the “lesser” honey barbecue sauce tasted better.

Obviously calling for more investigation.