I try to think up interesting blog titles.  It’s a challenge to me, and I hope enjoyable for you.

The title of this blog entry is literal.  “Rainbow glasses” are an idea that I have come up with on my own, and am now sharing with the world.

No, not that kind of glasses.  The kind that go on your face.

Closer, but I can tell this needs more explanation.

I have reached the age where reading glasses are a requirement, unless I’m willing to stare at something from about four inches away (which I occasionally do while reading the Bible at night).  I don’t yet have variable reading glasses, where I can crank a knob and obtain the perfect focus.  Doubt that those exist.

As an alternative, I would consider getting multiple glasses that focus at six inches out, then twelve, and 18, every six inches out to 42.  That way, I’d only have to move the reading material (or my head) a maximum of three inches for everything to be in focus.  If you have to move four inches, switch to the next pair of glasses and move two inches.

I call them rainbow glasses because the frames would be color coded for easy selection and to keep them in order.  I just have to remember my friend Roy or my gondola (and I can’t believe that Google cannot find any instances of “row over your gondola before inviting visitors“!).

You might think that seven pairs of reading glasses might be expensive.  Not so!  The nice thing is that the new health care bill promises to give us everything for nothing, or so I’ve heard.  I mean, it’s the government, so what could possibly go wrong?

(pix from gardenghelle and ThaRainbow)