I saw a car recently with four strikes against it.  It was still running, so maybe it was a cat car, not a baseball car.

  1. The car was running on a “little” spare.
  2. The spare was low on air pressure
  3. One of the five lug nuts was missing
  4. The bolt the lug nut should have been attached to was missing, too

As we were leaving, we saw the lady driving the car, and Bettie told her about the problems with the spare tire.  She knew about them, but hadn’t been able to buy a tire to replace the bad one, so was getting by with the spare.  “Getting by” means travelling to the nursing home where Bettie’s Dad is staying, and leading the Easter Sunday service with her two grandkids.

I wish we had money to buy it for her.  We would like to have money available to do spur-of-the-moment charity work.

And with God’s help, and good money management, we’ll be there again.