Today I’m helping out the Friends of the Library with books.  The books are being moved from the storage shed into the library proper for an upcoming book fair.  Even with a two-wheeler, it’s work.

And I get paid.  Not money, but something more valuable.  Books.

The books that are left over from the prior sale (and they do this four times a year) get dumped.  As into a dumpster.  As in trashed.

Last time I helped, they let me go through the books before they hit the can, taking what I want.  I’m going to make them an offer of going through all these books and then doing the physical labor (and anguish) of throwing them away.

I’m saving some of the books.  Some are for me, some are gifts, some are inadvertent duplicates that I give away.  None of this is mercenary (taking them to resell), although that will happen to some after reading.

Last time, I brought home a couple cubic feet of books.  Today will probably be more of the same.

Life is good.