Bettie grabbed a couple pix while travelling recently.  I had seen the subject of the photos before, and seeing this again bothered me.

That’s right – they’re putting up new curbs. Not fixing the existing pot-holes or smoothing out frost heaves. Not replacing signage (on posts or painted on the road). Not even putting more policemen on the road to keep it safer.


We don’t need curbs. We don’t especially want curbs.  And I’d sure like to see this show up on the government’s web site that shows where these billions are going.

Come to think of it, I don’t want to pay for this with my tax dollars.  I wonder if I could secede peacefully.  I’d be willing to lease the US some property to build a diplomatic mission, and I’d host a fancy cocktail party once a year, as long as they reciprocate.  And as long as they don’t mind eating guac made from 7-for-a-dollar avocados from Meijer.  Because I am thrifty with my money.

I wish the government was.