Truth is a good thing.  So are truth tables.

The simplest of these set up the possible outcomes for two variables, and the most famous was Pascal’s Wager.  In this truth table, you are considering whether or not God exists, and your reaction to that.  God could exist or not exist, and you could follow God or not follow God.  Looks like this:

(see the full explanation here).  The way it shakes out is that living as if God exists has the highest payout (imagine that!).

Each of the two propositions could be true or false.  You end up with four squares: True-True, True-False, False-True, and False-False.  You can be measuring anything, like whether a program is useful and beautiful.  The four possibilities are Useful and Beautiful, Useful and not Beautiful, Not Useful and still Beautiful, neither Useful nor Beautiful.

It’s easy to slot programs into some of these categories.  Beautiful but not Useful describes a lot of screen savers.  Neither Useful nor Beautiful describes a lot of the viruses and malware that can infect your computer.  Beautiful and Useful is harder to come up with, although Picasa‘s timeline view comes close.

We are left with the Useful but not Beautiful category, the utilitarian and potentially frumpy grouping where things get done but they don’t look their best while doing it.

The category where MyDefrag fits in.

This thing is one of the best disk defragmenters around, doing its job well and quietly.  It also looks like – well, maybe paint drying.  Or peeling.  Here’s a picture of it in action:

That’s my hard drive, in all its glory.  If you don’t think it looks like much, wait until you see the exciting close-up:

And that’s it.  You can blow the view up some more if you want, but all it is is lines on a page.  No fancy bars or time counters here – we got raw line images.

This program is quick, but modern hard drives are big.  It can take hours to defragment a drive, bringing free space together and keeping disk access fairly fast.  I don’t do it too often, but probably hit it a couple times a year.

The program is very safe, and won’t hurt your data.  If you want to stop before the whole drive is defragmented, go to Run | Exit.  It will figure out a good time to stop and do it safely.  I think you could lose power and still be pretty safe.

It works well, and consolidates space so your large files have a place to be put without being broken up.  Highly recommended, and the price is right.

Useful, but not Beautiful.

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