I’m reading two books right now (well, in addition to the Bible and my devotional, I’m reading about five, but I’m discussing two here).  And what a difference!

The first is Confederacy of the Dead, a collection of original short stories (SF/fantasy/horror) based on the South during the Civil War.  Good writing, mostly, and interesting to see the different views the authors took.  But reading this in long stretches is a little like when I read the book of Jeremiah earlier this year.  He was called the weeping prophet, and is a little difficult to take in large batches.

That’s why I’m glad I also have Lord Peter, the definitive collection of Lord Peter Wimsey stories by Dorothy L. Sayers.  These British mysteries are light and lively after the doom and gloom of the first book.  The settings in rural England, where people discuss others marrying below their class, or a person’s house being two miles off the main road, are a breath of fresh air.  I had not read nor seen any of these before.  They are similar to the Monk TV show in their presentation of a mystery without getting bogged down in gruesome details.

And in reading these, I am choosing to alternate stories between the two books.  I have 18 stories left in the first one, and 15 in the second.  Close enough for me.