The word for the day is encomium.  An encomium is praise for a person or thing, or a eulogy.  Eulogy itself is made up of eu (good) and logy (speaking or words).  The two words, encomium and eulogy, are very similar.  An encomium can be spoken of a person living or dead, or neither.  A eulogy refers to someone or something dead – the person/institution/building is no longer here.  They’re gone.

And I’m sick of it, no matter what you call it.

A week after attending a wake/memorial for John Gintz, we found out at church yesterday that Don Davis had died.  Don had attended our church, shepherding all of us through some tribulations, and was missed when his business took him to other churches on the weekends.  I didn’t know him well, but I was glad to be around him.  Happy and likable, encouraging and resourceful.  And an artist.

Don designed and created the logo for our church.  It’s one of the things about Connections that makes us inviting.

Woody Allen once wrote that he doesn’t want to live forever through his works – he wants to live forever by not dying.

Don, your works didn’t get you into heaven.  Nobody is that good.  I don’t foresee the church changing the logo any decade soon, though, because you did a very good job.

Rest in peace.