I found my next car.

Ignore things like the driveway needing 4-wheel drive in the winter.  For that matter, ignore any sort of driving in the winter.  This, my friends, is truly a fair-weather car.

I present the Ariel Atom.

This thing is a street-legal car for two.

Just the thing for the couple on the go.

It’s a little car

I mean, really little

In case you were wondering, you saw right – no sides on the car

This one has a windscreen.  I think they offer a full windshield.  Optional.

It takes the car experience down to the bare essentials

You’re sure to draw a crowd

And you can just as surely drive away from them

Zero to sixty in under three seconds.  Half the weight of a Mini Cooper.  Road ready.  And under $50K.

But Bettie won’t ride in it.

Bummer.  Still looking for a car.

(photos from Clinton Michael Photography, HenryFiqueroa, Alistair Knock, dennis and aimee jonez, SmellyGeekBoy, exfordy, rnair,  exfordy again, Philip Fibiger, and pjvenda)