The local news channel posted a scare story about Spokeo the other day.  I decided to find out about myself.

Knowing my name and city, you can get to the page Spokeo has created about me.  I’m not too impressed.

They list the road I live on, but not the street number.  That’s available through a Google search.

They list a phone number that I have never seen before.  Apparently it belongs to a Brian who lives around a half-hour away.

They have the estimated home value at $1M+ (which is a bit high – like integer multiples high), and it says we’ve been here for 14 years.  Closer to 14 months, Spokeo.

Their credit estimate is below the half-way point, when I know it’s much higher.

For “Lifestyle and interests”, they hit and miss.  I read about world news and politics (yes), but I’m not interested in politics.  Interesting, that.  I enjoy food and wine (the second is news to me), I care about healthy living (theoretically, yes), and I drive a truck.

Steve’s “truck”

(and if that’s a truck, then what season is it?)

I also “donate to causes” – yes, if you consider the church a “cause”.

It says that Bettie and I are parents with no children.  Hmmmm.

We also live in a house built in 1958 (hint to Spokeo: that house is not in Milford, and we don’t own it), and have no central heat or air.  That’s a new piece of information – the central heat we don’t have came in handy after cleaning off the truck.

They did do some stuff right.  They got Bettie as living in the same household (although they missed “happily”).  They peg me as a Caucasian male in my early 50s.  Yep.    They say I love reading.  Bingo!

But Spokeo says I enjoy gardening (no, I enjoy the results of gardening).  They say I research investments (I might, if I made investments).  They say I love to travel (they must have missed this post).

They toss in some gratuitous ones, too.  I’m self-driven (as opposed to having a chauffeur?) and I enjoy entertainment.  Wow – there’s a stretch.

Finally, at the bottom of the page, they disclaim “Profile data . . . is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.”  A statement that’s 100% accurate!