Bettie and I had a road trip last weekend.  On the way back, I was talking to Bettie about my desire to live more intentionally, to be more in charge of my life.  I don’t want things to be in charge, I want to be in charge of things.

One of the illustrations I brought up was my collection of CDs.  I have hundreds (many of the cutout variety), and it’s my goal to rip them all and store the physical ones downstairs.  I have lots loaded already but still many lots more to go.  The ones left undone are bothering me – getting in my head and distracting me.  In the spirit of “I’m in charge of my stuff”, I wanted to get rid of the junk (not everything, but lots) and just keep my favorites.

Then Tuesday I get a request from my minister.  There is a memorial service planned for Thursday night for Don Davis.  Jeff wanted me to put together some background music for the service, something upbeat.  So I selected fifty-six of my favorite upbeat albums, and spent Wednesday evening putting together a good mix.  There are actually two mixes, one for before  the service and one for after.  The “after” starts out with Cannon in D (sic) from the Van Dyne Parks album Clang of the Yankee Reaper.  I still think of that song as “A Mighty Fortress is our God”, and this kick-butt version has nothing to do with Pachelbel.

I look over the CDs that I picked out and find that I (in my old frame of mind) would have removed about half of them as not needed.

But I would have thrown them out with the best intentions.

Ain’t happening now.  They stay.