Every so often I get this great idea that I should do a project.  I have seen how rabbits run, dithering in almost every conceivable direction, so it would be safe to call my projects “hare-brained”.  Hasn’t stopped me before, and won’t this time.

I like tomatoes.  I like them on sandwiches and salads.  The tomatoes we grow in the garden are very close to perfect, but aren’t there yet.  They’re messy, and grow in muddy ground.  And that garden is so far away.

Those upside-down tomato growers, the Topsy Turvy, appeal to me.  Verging on hydroponic, from the aspect of being able to pick your veggies unencumbered by dirt (more or less), and no bending down to pick them, no more muddy shoes.  Oh, ’tis a veritable Heaven on earth from this perspective.

Well, there’s the cost perspective to deal with.  The web site sells the hangers for $10 apiece, plus shipping.  Ebay is about the same.  Too much moolah, since I want to do four of them.  So I’m going the home-grown route.

eHow is a nifty site that explains how to do almost anything.  For instance, How to Plant Tomatoes Upside Down.  I’m already collecting the five-gallon buckets.

Next part: the tree.  I’m planning on a 4×4 for the trunk, and a 2×4 cut in half for the branches.  The 8-foot board would be chopped into two, then made into an X shape (as seen from the top), and attached to the top of the 4×4.  Some eye hooks will ensure that they’re suspended well, or make sure they don’t slide off.

Rough estimated cost: twenty bucks.  Amount of joy generated: close to infinite.

Profitability ratio: massive.