My boss related an interesting conversation the other day.  Her sister-in-law was over, and they were planning on cutting up something.

Sis-in-law: Where are your scissors?

Boss: They’re in the kitchen.

Sis-in-law: Oh, no, I meant your regular scissors.

Boss: They’re in the kitchen.

Sis-in-law: You don’t understand: you have kitchen scissors, and fabric scissors, and general scissors, and –

Boss: You don’t understand.  I have one pair of scissors, and they’re in the kitchen.

Sometimes you can get by with having one all-purpose tool, and sometimes you need that differentiation that similar-but-different tools bring.  This time, I’m with the sis-in-law (sorry, Boss!).

I had previously shared MPC as a good music player, and it is.  I had forgotten about it and was trying to use VLC (to be named in an upcoming post), but ran into some problems.  I wanted to play all the MP3s in a folder, so I downloaded 1 by 1 for that.  It’s a simple music player that you point to a folder and it plays the music there.  Elegant.  Later, I had a bunch of WAV files that I wanted to play, but 1 by 1 only does MP3s.  I had to locate and use Foobar 2000 for that.

Scissors take up space.  So do shovels and eyeglasses (my rainbow glasses idea would be great for at home, not so great for travelling).  Electronic things like pictures, music and software?  The more the merrier (given sufficient storage space).