I have written about Picasa before (way back in Cool Tool Tuesday #9), and this isn’t about all of Picasa.

This is about the important part of Picasa – the working part (or non-working part).

Occasionally you will be working in Picasa and something goes really wrong.  A ton of your pictures disappear, or the thumbnails point to the wrong picture.  There’s a fix for that.

The official method is to remove the application and reinstall.  Bleh.  That is so – well, Windowsy.  There has to be a better way.  And there is.

As documented here, from an unofficial support site, comes the in-place solution: Start Picasa (from the Start menu) while holding down the Control, Alt, and Shift keys.  Keep them held down until the Picasa logo comes up.  Tell it yes, you want to erase the database.  And then let it rebuild everything.

It works.  Bettie was having problems and did this, and it recovered her pictures (they are never stored in Picasa – Picasa only points to them, so they are safe on the hard drive), plus it remembered all the names she had associated with pictures.  Pretty cool tool if you need it.

Side note: I reversed the order of entries on the Cool Tool Tuesday page, so that the oldest ones are at the bottom.  I call this archeological order.  It made sense for me.