Last Saturday Bettie and I went out on the town, to a Dr. Seuss touring exhibit.

The gallery was small but had nice work. These dogs were outside

and sold while we were there for $600 apiece. The bad economy isn’t affecting everybody.

Part of the exhibit was sculptures he had made. The originals included animal parts – toucan beaks, etc. – from the zoo his father was in charge of.

These were not the originals, so only a couple thousand apiece.

If I were to buy a print, it would be this one:

but at $325, it stayed there. The piece I identified most with, an original and not for sale, was from when he was working doing advertising.  The Copy Writer:

I feel that way about this blog, sometimes, trying to keep up with my commitment to one post a day. But then there are the rewarding parts: feedback from the public, the joy of a well-written piece, the benefit of helping somebody, looking back on the whole collective work and seeing how far I have come. And it’s worth it.