Half a year already?  Where has the time gone?

Well, it could have been much quicker, perhaps, if I had used this cool web page.  Ninite lists a lot of nifty free software and lets you install them as you wish.  It will grab the latest version of the software, answer questions for you (including “no, please don’t install that toolbar”), and generally do what you want.

Ninite is free, and the programs it installs are free.  You don’t necessarily want all of them – four alternate browsers?  No, thanks! – but they do a pretty good job.  They have seventy-ish programs now, and will be adding more over time.

This is an on-line experience.  You can’t dump this onto a thumb drive and have a super-setup (unless you want to pay for the Pro version at $20 per month).

Am I worried about Ninite hurting the readership of Cool Tool Tuesday?  Nope.  I’ll still be offering my personal take on everything, finding tools and tips that don’t appear on Ninite, and giving you some advice on why this is better than that.  I’m the guy in the old hardware store that can help you fix a problem with a broken gizmo.  Ninite is equivalent to WalMart.  Plenty of stuff at a great price, but they’re selling boxes.

There’s a place for both in today’s world.