Had a long viewing session on Sunday – 1100 miles of racing.  The Indy 500, which I did not get to go to this year, was interesting but not grabbing.  Getting a penalty for blocking someone who’s trying to pass?  Isn’t that part of racing?  And then the Coke 600 from Charlotte – long, but (in my humble opinion) a better race.  Anybody who can go for six hundred miles is pretty good in my book.

That brings me to Saturday.  Instead of being in Indianapolis with my friend Steve, as we had planned, I was in Morgantown WV with him.  He drove from the DC area, and I drove from Cincinnati.  The original plan was to meet in Clarksburg, but traffic problems meant that we met in a different place.

My drive started off foggy, which I appreciated since I was headed east.

It had cleared up a lot by the time I reached Clarksburg

which had some cool architectural detail

Steve and I ate at the Great Wall restaurant. You can see the edge of my sesame chicken.

I noted to Steve that the place seemed new. It opened about five months ago. And it is never appropriate to review a restaurant based on the light fixtures, but these were worth commenting on. Food was good, not great, but big helpings. Light fixtures seemed to be the last batch of leftover glitz when a lighting company went out of business. These may be someone’s idea of good taste – I find the selection wonderfully weird.

(yes, that’s a compact fluorescent in the center of the gold-spattered whatevers)

Steve and I visited a gift shop where the owner said she’d never switch to a flat-screen monitor.

Steve went his way, and I went mine. My way was up 79 to catch 70.

I took breaks at rest areas when I could.

There were some interesting-looking bridges along the way.

And a hot-air balloon close to Cincinnati

Total distance: Right around six hundred miles. I respect the race car drivers today, the 500-milers and the 600-milers. That’s a long haul.

(pix from my cell phone, sometimes at speed)