So you have your house wiki up and running, following last week’s instructions.  Now what?

Well, you populate it.  You put in light bulb wattages.  You put in the colors of the paint on your walls.  You put in instructions on how to re-string your lawn trimmer.  All that stuff that’s find-out-able, but would be easier found if it was collected.  Dump it in.  The wiki has a built-in search.

But that’s not what I meant.  I meant, you have devoted a couple hours to putting in useful information, that will pay for itself in the future.  Do you just leave it there in one location, waiting for a disk crash to wipe it out?  No, you do not!  You remember the advice from the very first Cool Tool Tuesday and you make a backup.

What’s more, you do it with Cobian Backup.  Mr. Luis Cobian was born in Cuba, educated in Russia, and now lives in Sweden.  And he writes good backup software.  Download it, run it, tell it that you want to speak English to it (or any other language you choose), accept the surprisingly short and readable license agreement, accept the first screen of choices as is, set the install options like so

answer Yes to this question (since we’re backing up a local file)

and then it trundles a bit and gives you these nice messages:

Registering the uninstaller
Starting the user interface…
Installation completed successfully

It shows up as a mushroom in your system tray.  Double-click on the ‘shroom to get the setup screen:

and then the clock to set up your backups.

Have it keep 10 copies, and then switch to the files tab.

You can drag and drop what you want backed up, or browse to both the “back this up” and the “back it up to here” locations.  If you have FTP capabilities, you can use that as well.  Now go to the  Schedule link, leave it at daily, and pick a time of day that’s good for you.  When you say “Done” you have a task set up and ready to go.  Click on the floppies to run all tasks just as a test.  Tell it to go ahead, but you don’t have to shut down your computer if you don’t want to.

Click OK, and (for me) seventeen seconds later boom (that’s a good boom) – your first backup!  Here’s the end of the output:

2010-06-07 22:48 ** The backup of “New task” has ended. Elapsed time for the task: 0 hour(s), 0 minute(s), 13 second(s) **

2010-06-07 22:48 The system can now enter Sleep mode

2010-06-07 22:48 Total elapsed time for all the backed up tasks:  Hours: 0, Minutes: 0, Seconds: 17

2010-06-07 22:48 *** Backup finished. Processed files: 1. Backed up files: 1. Errors: 0 ***

You can close the GUI now, and it will run as a service in the background, making another backup whenever you told it to.  Your backups will be wherever you told it to put them, be it another directory, an external drive, or an FTP site.
If you have deeper questions about this neat tool, you can look at their forums here.
And Dad, I’m sorry about the mushroom.