Picasa is an interesting animal.  It locates faces very well, with surprisingly few false positives.  It also locates 2D faces – those in pictures in a photograph.

I’m whittling my unnamed Picasa faces down – I’m at around 6200 now, with nearly 12,000 ignored (baseball games and other public events).  As I look at the faces, I get occasional surprises.  I’m working with a manager in India now, my boss’s equivalent over there, and I have found pictures from my India trip when we ate in the cafeteria together (back when he was a worker bee).

One other surprise from that trip is a picture of a picture of Senator Barack Obama.

The paper is from November 3, 2005, and was a first-class freebie from Delta on the first leg of my flight to India.

The story is about Rosa Parks’ funeral in Detroit, and the Senator from Illinois had the first and biggest quote in the story.

I’m going to refrain from political commentary after noting that he is smiling real big for the camera while at a funeral in another state.