The tomato tree is populated.  On Saturday, I created the hanging tomato buckets, loosely following these instructions.  I had the original idea in May, acquired the parts in early June, and raised the pole last week.  Today, it all came together.

I don’t have a fancy workbench

nor a big hole-cutting drill bit

Sorry – no pictures of lining the buckets with newspaper, snaking in the tomato plant (sometimes top-down, sometimes bottom-up), adding in peat moss for water retention, Miracle-Gro potting soil for nutrients, or the topsoil above that. And they were heavy – Bettie helped me get them up, even before watering. But they are all up now!

The one on the far left is a Better Boy, a good sandwich tomato.  At the other end of that pole (on the far right) is a German Queen.  Those are my biggies.  Closer to the camera (and the house) are Gardener’s Delight, a cherry tomato.  And the far one, closest to me in the picture, is a roma.

I predict that the first tomato off the tree will be one of the cherry tomatoes.  Not a tough call, since there’s already one growing:

A close-up shows the newspaper leaking through, and the remarkably well-formed hole cut in the bucket.

It doesn’t show the two earthworms I added to each bucket.  They will have plenty of room to move around in, and should help the plants.  It’s going to be a good summer.

I’m just a little concerned, though, about that German Queen. When I read that it can reach up to 16 feet – well, maybe I should have made the tomato tree a little bit taller.