This has a good ending.  Don’t be scared by the drama.

Bettie noticed a fawn out in our front yard, and a fox watching it.

The fawn was very alert, and the fox tried to play it low.

But it wasn’t above an occasional yawn.

The fawn stayed in full alert mode, white tail up

even though she moved around

It’s a good idea not to turn your back on him

because he moves.

The fawn walks toward the fox. Bravado? Aggression?

The fox returns the favor

They get rather close – too close for my comfort.

Then the fox backs down

acts coy

and keeps on moving

The fawn concentrates

and then they head off in different directions.

The whole thing lasted seven minutes. We were amazed – Wild Kingdom right in our front yard!

And yes, I would have gone to rescue the fawn if the fox would have attacked.