Today was the day I had to change my password at work.  There is a set schedule, and I keep my work passwords rotating in sync with the shortest schedule.

I go through a password every 30 days.  I don’t like coming up with passwords, especially on demand.  I like planning them out ahead of time, not scrambling.

The tool I use to generate passwords is XYZZY, from Haxial.  Well, Haxial has gone out of business and offered itself up for sale, but the software was originally from them.

Simple little program.  Start it up and what you see is what you get.

And it does even more – check out the “Generate Passwords” button!

Imagine that – it does what it says.  The passwords are somewhat pronounceable.  This was explained on the XYZZY page before it disappeared (and, through the magic of the WayBack Machine, is still reachable here).

I don’t take the passwords as provided – I mangle and manipulate them, in order to meet corporate requirements and make them easier to remember.  I might go through several screens of passwords before finding one that hits just right.  But for several years now I have used XYZZY as a base for my passwords.

Oh, the name?  It’s from the old Adventure game.  XYZZY was a magical password that let you move around inside the game.  I guess what comes around goes around – or something like that.