I didn’t see one.  Probably couldn’t see one at midnight even if it existed.  I wasn’t even outside at midnight – I got in just after 10:30.

I’d been outside working on the garden a bit, picking up piles of dead weeds Bettie had cut down, doing some trimming, and putting up the electric fence.  I wanted to get the fence done, and it is.  Shocks you real well, especially when you’re not wearing insulating crocs (knock-off or otherwise).

Bettie wasn’t helping me.  Hadn’t you heard?  She’s working on becoming a Zen master.  She is working on internalizing one koan at a time.  Right now, she’s very much into

What is the sound of one hand clapping?

It’s a long story.

Tuesday night we were out working on the garden and lawn, me fumbling around with the trimmer or mower, Bettie cutting down weeds with a sickle like this:

Things were going well until just after 9PM, when she got her hand in the way of the blade.  Index finger on her left hand.  Decent amount of blood, and we were both panicking.  I knew I couldn’t fix it on my own.  All the urgent care places seem to have closed at 9PM.  We did some minor washing of it, applied a paper towel with pressure to slow/stop the flow.  We had calmed down some by this time and decided to go to the hospital.  A change of clothes (we had visions of being there all night) and we were on our way.

Arrived about 10:30, back in getting worked on by 10:45, five stitches, and out by 11:15.  Impressive and friendly people.

We puttered a bit on the way back, picking up some over-the-counter drugs and walking around the store a bit.  Late night, but a great sense of relief.  God kept the injury from being worse.  Thanks, God.  And thanks, Mom and Dad, for your prayers.

So now I’m now the official shoe tie-er and can opener.  Stitches should come out middle of next week.  Doubt there will be much physical therapy needed.

But we’re going to have a family-wide review of safety procedures.

(cool sickle photo from soylentgreen23)