As I was working outside this afternoon, listening to my MP3 player while digging up another flower bed, a Warren Zevon song came on.  It was Wild Age, about a rebellious boy.

Mostly when the reckless years end
Something’s left to save
Some of them keep running
‘Til they run straight in their graves

That’s a description of all of us, running from God until we wise up and let Him take over.  Or not.

I wondered if Warren Zevon had a deathbed conversion.  Not that I have found.  Two people in the comments here call him a Christian artist.  Me – I wish he had been his whole life, but I don’t find evidence of it in his songs.

Charles Darwin is another of those who is said to have had a deathbed conversion.  It would be nice, but even the Christian organization Answers in Genesis has debunked the story.

Just so there’s no doubt about me, I make the following statement.

I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ.  He saves me from my sins, and it is only through the power of God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit that I am able to live my life.  I don’t understand everything – predestination is still kicking around in my head, because my desire to believe in free will conflicts with what the Bible says, so I guess as a Bible-believing Christian I have my answer – but I know that having Jesus as Lord of my life is the only choice.  Living for self doesn’t work.  Living for work doesn’t work.  At the end of life, it’s going to come down to you and God.  And God is always right.  Will you be able to stand boldly before the throne, washed by the blood of Jesus, and reverently say “Hi, Dad.  I’m home!”?  I will.

My own deathbed conversion will be more of a translation – leaving this bald, fat, short-sighted lump of flesh behind, and becoming perfected with God in glory.