With the driveway and the snow, my next car is going to have to be something more serious.  I had a CRX

(like this

but in blue, and I only wish I’d driven it like this)

before I got the Acura Integra

(now over 206,000 miles, thank you).  It is over sixteen years old, rusting fairly well, and it won’t last forever.  (CRX pix from GrantC and shirtsnpants.  Acura picture is the actual car.)

I’m not out shopping for a drive, but I’m definitely keeping my eyes open.  But what to get?

We could use a pickup truck for all the stuff we do around here – not an unlicensed farm vehicle, but something two steps above a beater, that can take a load of topsoil or pull a trailer with a mower in it.  Definitely needs to have 4WD (or AWD – something that will make all four tires part of the driveway-climbing experience).  My idea of a useful pickup truck is something that can take a sheet of plywood in the back.  That’s a truck!

I won’t be getting a truck.  If we get something like that, it will be a third vehicle.  Won’t happen soon.

No, I want something with a bit more finesse, something that’s fun to drive – almost like a sports car with 4WD.  Something like this Porsche convertible.  AWD, and eminently reasonable at only $160K.  Zero-to-sixty times under three seconds.  A seven-speed gearbox.  Active motor mounts that change how the engine transmits the power.

And power?  The review says that the motor tries to “crush your skull against the headrest”.  Stepping hard on the gas opens up the turbochargers, which are hungry.  Again from the article:

A pair of 911 Turbos drag-racing in Los Angeles could stall a weather system over Nebraska.

Yep, that’s what I need for getting up the driveway in the winter.

What?  No option for a trailer hitch??

Bummer.  Gotta start my search all over again.