When you present something with a flourish, whisking away the cloth that had been covering your latest surprise, you could shout Voila!

This is from the French, meaning roughly “Lookit this!”.

Sometimes the end result doesn’t quite match the lead-up.

Then there are people who don’t know that there’s a V at the beginning of the word, and start it out with a W.  These people should be turned over to the Grammar Commando for execution, post haste.

Those misguided individuals (and the ones who include an H at the end) would be pleased to know that a walla/wallah is someone in charge of something, or a vendor of something.  Hence you can have a sugar cane juice wallah

or this

(Tiffin is lunch, not that school up north)

Then there are the dyslexic folks, who get the voila letters in, but not in the right order.  They end up with either a big violin or flowers.

umm, flowers.

That’s better.

And then there are people who just don’t know exactly what they want.

But somehow they end up communicating, in spite of themselves.

(pix from chrisheuer, NeilsPhotography, roboppy, Mourner, pepe50, and wokka)