More of a goal, actually, and nowhere as lofty as Dr. King’s.

I’d like to spend 2011 taking pictures of plants and vegetation on the property, and create a “plant-a-day” blog for 2012.  That’s right – one new plant a day.  Sometimes it would just be a picture.  Sometimes a description, the proper name if I can find it, a memory, or some little-known fact.

I like the land in general, and I like the land we have here.  This will be a celebration of that land, from trees to clover to weeds to moss to algae.  Probably a few tomatoes in the mix.  The plants don’t have to be naturally-occurring, they just have to be growing here.

I may stick it onto the #1 House Blog.  I still have a few updates to make there – for instance, we moved in and are living here.

Small stuff like that.