Sometimes these tools hit a fairly broad audience.  Sometimes they are specialized.  Today’s tool set hits a fairly specific target – Unix geeks working in Windows.

UnxUtils (I think he left out an “i” to avoid lawsuits) is a compilation of those tiny utilities you know and love.  Everything from cat to cut, from man to mv, from tail to tar – it’s all here.  Pick what you want and can use, or drop it all into a directory on your path.

I have used these in batch files to do some heavy-duty processing of large data files.  And they work.

If you can use them, you know it.  If you don’t, I can’t explain the joy and simplicity in the Unix mentality.  These are tools that each do one thing, and do it well.  You can craft your own custom gizmo by piping data from one filter to another, tweak it however you want it, and understand it at every step of the way.

A couple caveats: Your favorite filter may be available in there under a different name.  ‘frinstance, AWK is in there as gawk.  No biggie, just something to remember.  And the sort command included may not show up in the path at the right place.  I renamed mine to sortx.exe, so it and the DOS sort wouldn’t step on each others’ toes.

Have much command-line fun.  Sorry there’s no vi editor in there, to cap things off.