I had a birthday earlier this month.  Nothing special, no fancy celebrations.

Bettie got me a piece of cake and I happened to have some spare ice cream.

You may notice that I’m wearing hospital scrubs.  It’s a recent kick.  They’re easier to get on and off than a T-shirt.  They are loose-fitting.  And I feel all doctory (not Daktari).  I picked up some in thrift stores, and a couple off eBay (thanks for the birthday present, Mom and Dad!).  I have five of them now, plenty to get me through until enough stuff piles up for laundry.

I had to work on my actual birthday, getting some things done for my employer.  I had a couple days off later that week, when I also had to work because stuff broke.

I didn’t lose my days off, but did have to shift them to a later week.  If that’s the worst thing that happened, I’m doing great.

I’m doing great!