I’ve always liked the British royalty’s way of being in public – not the hordes of Secret Service men, the isolation of limousines, the rush into Air Force One that we provide our monarchy.  No, the British know that they are loved, so they ride about in open carriages, and stop to hake hands at a garden party

Well, now the Brits have opened up a bit more about their lives, and have created their own Flickr channel.  Lots of stuff there – seems like most living family members have their own page.  There’s some behind-the-scenes shots of when they have a few folks over for dinner

What really impressed me, though, was a sample of Queen Victoria’s accuracy in target practice.

No wonder she didn’t have to worry about going out in public – the old gal could defend herself pretty well!

(all pix from the Flickr archives of The British Monarchy, as linked)