I have long thought that one of the components of intelligence is the ability to correctly identify patterns.

Sometimes that is hard.  I saw one of those “what number comes next?” questions, with the initial pattern of 1, 2, 4 . . .  I didn’t like it, because the pattern could have been the powers of 2 (leading to 8, 16, 32), or the “add one more each time” pattern (leading to 7,11,16).

I do have enough information to declare you, the regular reader, intelligent to follow this series of cool tools, and I thank you for it.  I’m also going to declare that Nenad Hrg of SoftwareOK is a great programmer.  I wrote about his QDir back in February.  He continues to update it, including another update just yesterday.  I like it in 4-panel mode.  Bettie likes it in 2 panels.  Either way works, and works well.

His piece of software I’m featuring today is DesktopOK, which saves the locations of your desktop icons.  Some people don’t manage their icons, allowing them to be scattered willy-nilly, hither and yon.  This is wrong, although not a mortal sin.  Icons should be organized so you know where things are, so you don’t spend time looking for things when you could be doing the thing.  Quick free hint: If you know you have an icon for something on your desktop but can’t locate it, select any icon and then tap the initial letter of what you’re looking for.  Keep tapping the letter and Windows will highlight each icon starting with that letter. So to get to QDir, you could select MS Word (anything, just so an icon on the desktop is highlighted) and then hit Q repeatedly.  If you’re seeing the same ones highlighted without seeing what you’re looking for, then you’re picking the wrong starting letter, or it’s just not on the desktop.

Anyway, sometimes your screen resolution goes all catty-wompus.  I have seen it a lot with a laptop in a docking station.  Windows gets all confused and drops you down to 800×600 or some terribly low resolution.  That bothers me – I have enough room for about four icons at that resolution.  Not exactly true, but all the icons that I had carefully and lovingly placed on the desktop end up in a jumble.  No rhyme or reason.  The order I had imposed is gone, a vapor in the wind.

That’s where DesktopOK comes in.  This tiny (42K!!!!) piece of software comes without documentation.  Download it, dump it from its zip file into a safe place, and send a shortcut on your desktop.  Start it up, and navigate thusly

to choose to see everything in English.  There’s also a little flag in the lower left to pick from.  As a hint, we’re British instead of American.  Next, press the Save button.  The software will save your current layout with the resolution.  You could rename it if you want, but I don’t.

And that’s it – your icon layout is safe.  As a test, I took my beautifully-crafted desktop

and turned it into an 800×600 mess

I reset my resolution, opened up DesktopOK, highlighted my one entry, and clicked on Restore.  Aaaah – the sweet logic of my desktop layout has returned.

In case you couldn’t tell, this is highly recommended.