We went to the county fair last weekend, and saw the demolition derby.  Last year there was a story.  This year, there were interesting snapshots, but no story to tie them all together.  So some demo derby shots.

Number 102 did well at lifting the other guy off the ground.  I think he had the heavier car.

which might be why he had trouble getting down off the wall.

I enjoy seeing how damaged, how far out of normal, the cars can get.

There was a bit of “turn the other guy over” going on this year.

This time it worked.

The officials rushed into action.

It was their finest hour.

Somebody got a bit too crash-happy that night.  While we were walking around the fair after the derby, somebody ran into my front fender.  And they didn’t leave any information.  So the cost of fixing it is on us.  Our high deductible means we’re going to pay it all out of pocket instead of submitting a claim.  Grrrr.

The car is drivable, although the tire rubs a bit.  I’m getting it repaired in a week.  The body shop was full for that long.  I guess the same bad economy that prompted someone not to take responsibility for their actions is also having people fix their old cars instead of buying new ones.