I didn’t get enough sleep on Thursday night.  I was up until just after midnight, when I went to take a look at the Perseid meteor shower.  I sat in a lawn chair for about five minutes, and saw one meteor and a couple “corner of my eye” sightings.

Then I did a silly thing and set my alarm for 3AM, when there were supposed to be lots coming through.  (Well, we were supposed to be going through lots.  It’s really a frame-of-reference question.)  Alarm goes off, and Steve (who has a 7AM meeting) decides that he’d rather sleep.  Can’t go back to sleep immediately, so I get up and take in a meteor show.  I saw at least five in the ten minutes I was outside, including two that were wider than my palm at arm’s length.  Some people can give the magnitude of brightness for meteors.  I can safely say that (A) those people are nerds, and (B) the ones I saw were bright enough.

I’m glad I got up and went outside in the middle of the night.  I’m also glad my 7AM meeting got cancelled soon after it started, and that I got to go back to bed for a little while.