Now this doesn’t happen often.

I was having a dream.  Bettie and I were going down some stairs at a parking garage or a subway station – something where there was an industrial stairway.  We had sort of broken into it.  It wasn’t illegal, but the authorities probably would have frowned on it.  Long story, and it was dream logic, so it doesn’t really need to be explained.

As we were going down the stairs and turning the corner, there was a tiled roof.  And letters in each tile – not made up from different colored tiles, like depths at a pool

(pic from cybertoad) but a message spelled out in individually lettered tiles.  And it said

(cool picture created using the cool free tool FontViewOK and the cool KR Deco Caps One free font)

That’s not the exact font from my dream, but it’s close.  I think as we went down the stairs there were other messages, but this is the one I remember from the dream.

Don’t remember how the dream came out.  I just remember this little snippet of interestingness, that I can’t place from anywhere in the waking world.

Just another thing to add to my unintentional resume.  Designer in dreams.