A couple days ago I posted about a dream I had, with tiles spelling out a word starting with an alphabet portion and then branching into the word.  My example was

I thought later that there might be some way to turn it into a game.  Maybe multiple starting letters.  ABscond.  ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPportunity.

So then my brother, that mind-reader and prolific guy, posted a comment about the very same thing, using my original word as ABCDefriendliness.  And threatened to warn my boss about my impending defriended rampage.  With family like him . . .

But still – are there other three-letter combinations that start words in alphabetic order?  Four-letter ones?  No dictionaries, please, and no on-line lookups.

How else could this be turned into a game?  Get a certain number of alphabets and be given points based on where in the alphabet your word starts?  A..Zebra gives 26 points, but burns a whole alphabet, plus four letters from another one.  A multiplier based on how many alphabetic letters you use at the beginning of your word (so Mark’s DEFriendliness would earn 12 points – 4 for starting with a D, times 3 letters from the alphabet).  But you could beat that by spelling out A..Moth, so while the concept is great, the specific rule isn’t.  As a power instead of a multiplier?  4^3 is 64, but that pales compared to A..STUpid at 19^3, or 6589.

Hmmmm.  Probably not going to make me a millionaire.  At least not as measured in US dollars.