I harbor a bit of doubt and cynicism at times.  I distrust people who have burned me once.  In an airport I paid either twenty or fifty bucks for a book about Swami Maharaja Somebody von Other-ishi (I may be off a bit on the name).  Not intentionally – I was an innocent college student who got taken by a smooth swindler.  Still burns me up, but with a smaller flame than it used to.

So when I hear a president – oh, pick any current president – say that he’s a Christian, but then he sets NASA’s main goal as reaching out to the Muslim world, and comes out in favor of a mosque at Ground Zero, that’s when my “uh-oh” antennae get all prickly.

I had wondered about this last year, but couldn’t find any proof either way.  I’m wondering about it again this year.  Is Obama Muslim?

And my test for determining this is whether or not he celebrates Ramadan, by fasting during daylight hours.

Unbelievable, you say?  Not when high school football teams practice in the middle of the night so they can fast during the day.  Not when the president’s schedule seems to arrange public events away from eating times.  Like on Wednesday

Or Tuesday

Or Monday

(all from the wonderful Politico 44)

So I’m real curious – does Obama eat during daylight hours?  According to this story, yes.

Obama ate a turkey sandwich and chatted with three business owners

And according to this story, he ended up with spinach in his teeth.

So another rumor bites the dust.  I’m not ready to go with the super-tinfoil-hat theory that he is able to eat during Ramadan to hide his Muslimness.

At least not yet.