This gets geeky fast – bail out now to save your sanity.

I’ve been tired recently.  Lots of work and work-related stuff, a couple car problems keeping us hopping, the silly thought that I’m as capable of handling short nights as I used to be thirty years ago.  I try to do a blog entry daily, and one in this series weekly.  It’s hard sometimes, coming up with a useful free tool every week.

I haven’t found any/many recently, because I don’t have time to browse the intertubes very often.  While looking tonight, I found that there was some neat stuff out there, some of it new to me, some of it older and just forgotten.

This is a new one to me, but I get it, and it’s great.  IDEone (spell out the caps, and then put a 1 there) is an on-line compiler.  It will take your source code, compile it, and run it.

And it does it in forty different languages.  That’s mind-jarringly awesome.  It does C, and C++, and C#.  It does two different flavors of AWK, and two Pascals.  Pascali?

It doesn’t just stick with the old favorites.  It supports Google’s Go.  And on a less serious note, it supports less serious languages.  Specifically, Intercal and Whitespace.

The thing is, this web site works!  I wanted to do a typical “Hello, world” program.  I wrote up a one-liner, and then had to hunt to find a language it was valid in.  And now I’m a Perl programmer.

If you’re a watcher instead of a doer, the site lets you see recent submissions, and the success/fail result.

So this can be useful.  Probably not going to change the world.  Still a pretty cool tool.