I attend Connections Christian Church.  We take communion every Sunday, as part of our worship of God.  Part of the idea (at least to me) is the reminder of the sacrifice that Jesus made.  There are lots of other things involved, as a web search (or even Bible reading – fancy that!) will show, but the idea of reminding me is big.

That’s also part of the reason behind a recent eBay purchase.  I looked up the one hundred trillion dollar bill

and used it at the end of this post.  That picture is from Wikipedia.  The bill I bought has a serial number of AA2767728.

I bought it because it’s cool – I could spend 99 trillion dollars on whatever I want, and still have a trillion left!

I also bought it to remind me of what could happen in this country.  As recently as 1996 the rate of inflation in Zimbabwe was only 16% per yer.  High, but not enough to make you print big notes.  But inflation rolled on, and got bad enough that prices were doubling daily.  Thus, the hundred trillion dollar note.  It was initially valued at around thirty US dollars.  I bought mine for two and a half bucks, delivered.

But that could never happen here, right?

I’m not going to get into the ways and reasons it could happen here.  You’re capable of using a search engine.

What I’m doing about it all is trying to live more frugally.  Pay cash to help out businesses avoid the credit card tax.

And the big one?  Trust God.  I don’t have a lot of faith in the government, nor its financial policies.  But God has earned the trust I give Him.  And that never devalues.