It has been a very dry summer.  We’re about four inches of rain low for the year, which in turn means that the cistern is running low.  We’ve had one water delivery, and have another one pending.

The creek is dry.  Bone-dry.  I saw tadpoles earlier this year, real close to being frogs.  Hope they made it and have a place to hide.

The ground is dusty.  Weeds aren’t growing well, so you know it’s pretty bad.  We have talked about watering the ground around the house to keep the foundation supported.

One place where wells of water are springing forth is our personal life.  Bettie and I celebrated our fifth anniversary last week (this is the second marriage for each of us – to each other, without an intervening divorce – but it’s not bigamy, it’s God’s grace).  And God’s blessings overflowed to us in the form of a surprise trip.  A friend had reserved a timeshare near Gatlinburg, but had something come up after the change deadline.  Since he couldn’t use it, he offered it to Bettie and I.  We accepted.

We got down there just at dusk on Thursday evening.

Friday morning held a great joy for me – reading a stack of newspapers.

I even did some crossword puzzles – in pen.

We had a pool tournament, just like on our first honeymoon.

I lost, just like on our first honeymoon. It was fun. I’m sticking out my tongue in concentration, not in anger.

We gussied up for dinner Friday night.

On Saturday we found a ghost town (an abandoned project)

and I enjoyed messy ribs

The place we stayed was nice – it could hold up to eight people.

but we enjoyed it more with just the two of us.

Heading home, we saw once again why this region is called The Smoky Mountains

We enjoyed another romantic sunset

although at seventy miles an hour.

Sunday afternoon we saw about an inning of a vintage baseball game.

We would have liked to stay longer, but we hadn’t eaten yet, and we were looking forward to a nap. I bet some of these guys were ready for some rest, too – they played without gloves.

Fun – and hot.

The trip was incredibly refreshing, even with all the driving and the influx of weekend traffic. Part of it was getting away to a different place. Part of it was the fun – a bookstore and go-karts factored in there. Part of it was getting away from the pressures of home. Part of it was having time to have some good conversations.

Whatever the reason behind it, we’re very glad we had the opportunity. Thanks, friend.