A house burned down in the greater Cincinnati area.  Sad, but it happens sometimes.

The local TV station reported on it, and made two big mistakes.  Sad, but it happens sometimes.

The big one is the un-rotated photo.  That should have been obvious, and should be easy to fix.

The other is in the first sentence: “one the scene”.  And according the story comments, the final sentence originally started out “One one”.

If I was a journalism teacher (and I am, to a degree – read this post!), my first commandment would be not to trust the spill chucker.  Just because a word passes, it doesn’t mean it’s the right word.  And we’re not talking deathless prose here.  Just communicating facts in English.

Good to know I’ll never be unemployed.  Don’t know if they can afford me, but that’s a different question.