My grandmother had a friend, Matthew Vaccaro.  One of his favorite sayings was “Unbelievable!”.  With his Argentinian accent and Abe Vigoda face, his exclamation brought us smiles.  We still say it occasionally.

If you want unbelievable, check these snippets of conversation:

“Smithers, nice work on that paycheck alignment.  The printing hit the spaces just perfectly!”

“Better check that FICA total again, Fiona.  I think you’re off by a penny, and we always round in favor of the government.”

“Payday is this Friday?  Well, we’d better get jumping, hadn’t we?”

What – you don’t think these could happen?  Of course they could!  After all, this is National Payroll Week!

And don’t tell me you think reality is unrealistic.

PS: Have fun at TV Tropes.  Check out the ideas, or Harrison Ford, or the TV show Monk, or the final entry on this page.

PPS: The site is a wiki, meaning it’s updatable by anybody.  That last entry may not remain, or somebody might use words that I don’t approve of.  Sorry.