It’s a never-ending battle.

We want to eat things from our garden – so do the deer.

Last year, we had an electric fence, and boards underneath it to stop the weeds from growing into the wire.

It worked so-so. Boards tend to warp, and six inches isn’t very wide for keeping plants away. New solution? Tiles.

Ceramic tiles placed under the electric fence to keep stuff down. Place it on weed cloth to keep junk from growing between the tiles.  This was after the boxes had been placed, before the tiles were laid.

And it does pretty good.

Twelve-inch tiles at fifty cents apiece from the surplus place. Makes maintenance a lot simpler.

But it doesn’t stop the deer. Check out this late-night shot:

That’s right – taking a nap inside the electric fence!  So we added another layer of protection – poles sticking up five feet above the ground, with string as a deterrent for keeping the deer out.  So far, so good.  (pix coming soon)

But just in case, I have been investigating a Crossman pellet/BB gun.   A pump rifle – not wanting to harm them, but definitely wanting to deter them.